Tips for Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

When building a house, we take of several elements. These may be related to décor, design, convenience and many other things. Hardwood floor is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Such floors look quite trendy and fashionable. They offer a lot of elegance and beauty to the entire space.

When home owners come back to their homes, they get a welcoming feel. Though, these floors look quite nice in a room, they need something extra to keep them well maintained and managed. It can only be preserved when it is cleaned and maintained in a perfect manner. Few tips that needs to be followed in order to ensure perfect maintenance of these floors so as to uphold its beauty are:

Removal of grime in a regular manner

When we come from the garden area of anywhere outside, we carry a lot of grime and grunge from our shoes which makes it dirty. If you want your cleaning troubles to stay at a minimum, it is necessary to keep a limit on this grime and dirt. You can also use carpets or throw rugs so as to keep dirt away. In areas with high traffic, runners can be used. Cleaning hardwood floors regularly using a fine and soft bristle broom so that small dust particles and granules can be removed will help in cleaning.

Carrying out routine vacuuming

In order to prevent dirt and dust settling within the grooves of the floors, it is necessary to use regular vacuuming. Though, these floors are layered using proactive and polyurethane finishes but the dust granules can also be averted by using regular vacuuming. Later, this becomes a little difficult to vacuum. Also, it can result in scratches. Frequent vacuuming with a lightweight machine ensures that dust and grime does not settle on your hardwood floor and become tougher to clean later on. From experience, having the right vacuum cleaner for the job makes a much bigger difference than you would expect. Check out this article from the Floor Executives on how to pick out the perfect hardwood floor vacuum for your home; you will be thankful that you did!

Home-made solutions also offer great help

Many times, we see spills and stains that cannot be removed through water. They need specialized services in order to clean them, like chemical solutions that are hard on the stains but soft on the floor surface. In such cases, it is better to use home-made solutions that can be effective enough for keeping floors clean. These products are also perfect and healthy for residents of the house. A mixture of water with vinegar would do wonders with your hardwood floor.

Avoid any spills on the floor

Spills and stains on the floor are a common occurrence, especially a household with young kids. One can at least try to avoid them by being a little extra careful. In case there has been a spill, it should be immediately cleaned using a soft, muslin cloth.

Ensure dry floor

Regular vacuuming is necessary for hardwood, but at the same time, it is necessary to keep the floor dry. If something has fallen on the floor, it must be immediately cleaned using a damp cloth. This will ensure that the stain doesn’t leave any marks on the floor.

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