What to Look For in a Portable Vacuum

Everyday you wish your apartment looks and feels as beautiful as it did the day you moved in. You miss the whiff of freshly cut grass mixed with mahogany that filled your mind when you entered the front porch for the first time. The carpet seemed untouched and the walls were spotless. The kitchen floor was spick and span.

And even though you try so hard to keep your house clean there are always little specs of dirt left under the rug or between the couch cushions and in between the refrigerator and the kitchen counter. And if you have pets, there’s no end to the amount of time and effort you put in trying to clean their hair of the rugs. For tough cleaning jobs like these, you need a small handheld vacuum cleaner, which not only effectively squeezes in to hard to reach places, but also has the suction power to pull the tiniest dust particles. Here are somethings you need to be aware of before buying a top rated handheld machine:

Key Features

  • Power: Measured in Air Watts, it’s the most essential thing to check for while buying a portable cleaner. The vacuum’s capacity to draw dirt in to the machine will depend on its power.
  • Battery life: If you are buying a cordless vacuum (most handheld machines are cordless), you may want to check for three important things, namely, the amount of time the battery runs after charging, the number of minutes/hours it takes for the battery to charge and the kind of outlet that is required to charge the battery.
  • Control buttons: Unlike full size vacuums, small handheld cleaners have only one on and off switch. If you require varying degrees of power suction, then this is one feature you’ve got to look out for.
  • Weight: The size of this device matters tremendously, since you do not want to put excessive pressure on your wrist.
  • Dust collection: Is it bag less? Does the dust get collected in a cup? How difficult is it to clean the vacuum cleaner itself?
  • Price: The cost of buying a small cleaning unit differs depending on the variations in the power capacity, the brand, the kind of attachments and the ease of cleaning.

While these are some of the most basic things to look for in a top hand vacuum, here’s a small list of things you’ve got to think about before picking out the perfect one.

Important Functions

  • Spills: If you have children or large pets in your house, spills are not uncommon. And depending on your requirement, it’s essential to find out if the handvac you are looking for manages spills well.
  • Particle size: Another feature to watch out for is it’s ability to pull big size particles such as glitter, pieces of paper, cake crumbs and chips.
  • Pet hair: And if you have big snuggly balls of fur in your house, you know the plight of finding pet hair in every nook and corner of your house. Especially the ones that stick to your pillows and throws. A small, yet efficient handheld vacuum for dog hair can help you get rid of most pet messes with very little effort.

Hope this comprehensive hand vacuum review makes your decision of buying the right cleaning tool easier and helps you to keep your house 100% dirt free.

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